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Mandala Silk Route is a comprehensive guide for tourists that are checking out global destinations for spending their vacations. In an attempt to encourage a global audience, this online travel portal provides some accurate and detailed information on popular tourist destinations in eastern India.

Alongside featuring news about the Indian travel industry, we even feature certain tourist events that take place in and around mountain resorts and hill stations. We tend to cover every aspect of traveling and make it simplified for our viewers. Our team of expert editors tends to monitor and update all of our unique visitors with quality information that we achieve on a regular basis and relate to them more easily.

Who we are
We’re a diverse travel business that serves global tourists and travel communities in reaching out to the north-eastern riches of India. We’ve pioneered and expanded our online presence by creating and sharing authentic travel information with our global viewers. Our journalistic credibility helped us in developing a strong reputation, which is a sound content resource for information seekers. We’ve succeeded in presenting and sharing travel content from the most reliable, informative, and accurate sources and in different formats. Our information network involves professionals hired by our commercial partners. They have helped us in creating licensed content for our global audience.

Our tour experts
Our experts will guide you through the most enchanting travel hotspots in eastern India that invite tourists from every remote corner of the globe. We strive to provide you with the most informative, engaging and inspiring visual experience that you’ve been longing for. Our network of travel writers has succeeded in captivating visitors with natural content backed by exclusive snapshots of the Mother Nature with all her splendors and mysteries. Our team of web editors has helped in developing our website with all details pertaining to hotel reservation, commuting options, and modern amenities that you’d look forward to.

How empathetic are we?
Mandala Silk Route is your one-stop destination for accessing expert travel tips on visiting the north-east like a resident individual. Our primary objective is to serve you with the best tour deals just to ensure a truly fulfilling tour for your loved ones. We’re always here to walk an extra mile with you in all directions of your dreamy escapade. We’ll even help plan your vacation in advance. Feel free to call us or share your views by dropping an email. Our representative will get back to you at your preferred time.

Why we want you to reach us?
We breathe travel in every sense. We’ll help you explore the picturesque north-east amid ice-capped mountains, hillocks, streams, religious places, and tribal celebrations. We source much more than just exciting tours and great accommodations. You must reach out to us in your pursuit of a quick weekend break or a long relaxing vacation. We won’t let you experience any hassle by picking you up from the airport or railway station, booking your stay, facilitating trips to rocky terrains, helping you attend regional events, and dropping you back.

We want you to enjoy the true essence of a holiday that’s tailor-made to meet and exceed your expectations. We’ll be overjoyed to stand witness to all those wonderful moments during your stay. As each trip unfolds the beauty of your long-cherished dreams, your loved ones are bound to thank you for reliving a few priceless moments that they’d capture in snapshots and memorize with a long-lasting impact!